Yeah Here Come the Rooster, Yeah

Posted by Sunny Wu

You know how as a kid you used to put ketchup on everything? Fries, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, weird shit. Then it might have been mustard, then spicy mustard.

Well, I’ve graduated to the all-mighty Sriracha sauce. There are many imitators but nothing can stand up to the original. I put it on everything — sandwiches, mac and cheese, pasta, pho, whatever.

So I was pretty excited to see someone just release a Sriracha cookbook, simply called, “The Sriracha Cookbook.” Props to Randy Clemens.

We haven’t picked up the cookbook yet, but it looks like there’s some recipes that could spice up the next time you have buds over for the game, or maybe your Super Bowl party. Clemens has one of his recipes on his blog, Honey-Sriracha Glazed Buffalo Wings. The recipe looks tasty, even if it calls for frying the wings — we don’t have a fryer, and we’ve always had a hard time getting oil up to the right temperature in a pan.

We’ll check out the cookbook next time we’re at the bookstore and see whether they’ve got some more game-day recipes. If they do, we’ll get the book and try out some recipes. We’ll be sure to report back.

  • Anonymous

    >Best sauce in the world…

  • Anonymous

    >This is great, Sriracha makes the world go round!