Antonio McDyess’ Wisdom From the Road

Posted by Robert Karpeles

San Antonio Spurs forward Antonio McDyess has played for six teams in over 16 seasons in the NBA.

McDyess, 36, said he knows all about the rigors of travel — eating late and trying to find good spots to hit up some grub.

As of Wednesday, the Spurs were on a nine-game Rodeo road trip. McDyess said that landing late at night into a city and finding food isn’t always so easy.
“It’s always tough,” said McDyess. “You don’t know when to go to sleep, when not. Some hotels have room service, some don’t. Especially for the young guys. It’s tougher for them as opposed to us old guys who have a little more experience with this.”

McDyess said he prefers to order in as opposed to venturing out in foreign cities. However, when it comes to New York City, there is one place he just has to visit: Angelo & Maxie’s Steakhouse on Park Avenue and 19th St. in Manhattan.

“They got this lemon pepper chicken, man,” McDyess said, seemingly foaming at the mouth.

The veteran also said that Miami is his favorite food city to visit.

So, who is the biggest eater on the Spurs?

“DeJuan [Blair],” McDyess said with a chuckle. “But I can’t say that to him because he’s on a diet.”

Monday, the Spurs were in New Jersey playing the Nets. About an hour before tip-off McDyess was eating some chicken and mashed potatoes. I asked him if that was his normal pregame meal.

“I normally eat pasta with some marinara sauce but I didn’t eat today so I had to get something in my stomach,” McDyess said.

Grubbing ain’t easy on the road, even for a veteran like McDyess.

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  • Mark Daniel

    Should of mentioned more stuff about his diet I think….Just my 2 cents

    • sportsandfood

      Thx for the feedback, Mark. We value your 2 cents here. Keep coming back. We’ll have stuff on athletes’ diets in future stories.