Seattle, Portland Soccer Fans Take Trash Talk to New Level

The Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers renew the two cities’ rivalry Saturday. The Wall Street Journal details the antagonism between the two fan bases with nearly 1200 words.

Here are some of our favorite burns:

  • “You can’t really say our beer’s better than their beer. I mean, Mac & Jack’s is way better than say, Deschutes, but still,” said 23-year-old Sounders fan Josh Nelson during a home game on a drizzly afternoon last month, referring to popular microbreweries in Washington and Oregon, respectively.
  • In Portland, stadium vendors hawk barbecued-tofu sandwiches, spinach salads and chocolate-covered bacon, putting Seattle’s relatively mundane offerings, like veggie dogs, gourmet donuts and cappuccinos, to shame.
  • At a recent Sounders game, Agen said Timbers fans “are not the brightest bunch,” thanks, he said, to their being “meth-headed” and “jobless.”
  • … Sean Geiger, a 26-year-old army reserve from Olympia, Wash., waving a Sounders flag and explaining that most of the Timbers’ following are “wine-drinking, cheese-eating yuppies” masquerading as soccer fans.

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