Fishing Off the Oregon Coast

By Sunny Wu

I’m back in Seattle after an eventful two-week trip through Oregon. We were on the Oregon coast during the first week, where we enjoyed the scenery and beach. We were also able to hook up with a charter boat and do some salmon fishing out of Wheeler, Oregon. Pictures and captions of the adventure below.

Call Russ for some good fishing

If you're ever near Wheeler, call Russ. He's a local and will take you to his favorite "fishy" spot.


Gotcha! This Chinook salmon, which we caught in the Pacific, didn't stand a chance. We had another fish in our grasp but lost it.

Russ the Man

Russ the Man. We appreciated his knowledge of the waters and how he stressed safety. He'd turn into a drill sergeant when one of us caught a fish.


Salmon with quinoa and an Oly -- one of the best meals I've ever had.

To fish with Russ, go to his website: