S&F’s Dining Guide to Bend, Oregon

River Rafting


By Sunny Wu

Bend is all about outdoor sports, food and beer. You’re sticking out if you don’t have a rack for you skis, bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, canoes.

We spent the past week there and enjoyed every minute of it. We didn’t have a bad meal. Looking for a year-round vacation spot? If you’re an active person, Bend is the place. Below are S&F-approved restaurants and bars to check out.

Cafe Sintra

Load up for your adventure at this cafe in Old Bend. Breakfast and lunch spot. The sandwiches were good. Bread makes all the difference.


Funky little spot. They are definitely jumping on the food truck craze. They’ve got some Asian fusion going on. The green curry was tasty and had some kick to it. The spicy fried chicken was popular. The best dish? The lemon ricotta fritters. It’s probably what heaven tastes like.

Brother Jon’s Public House

This place is the truth. Maybe it was because of the 26-mile mountain biking beforehand, but everything tasted delicious. Devoured the fall-off-the-bone ribs and could only eat 1/3 of the fresh-cut fries. We heard the Cobb salad was good. Obviously, they have a great beer list. And great prices. And great service. We’ll be back.

Ariana Restaurant

The only fancy restaurant on this list. We didn’t want to go to a stereotypical steakhouse or seafood restaurant. Too easy. Every dish was fantastic. The fiancee loved her scallops and crab risotto dish. I enjoyed the line-caught halibut on a grilled-pepper salsa. We were probably the youngest couple in there.

Club D&D Bar & Grill

As long as you ignore the inane Oregon fans, this is the spot to drink some liquor (we were told this is the bar where the Deschutes Brewery staff comes to unwind). Bartender sported mutton chops. Cool.