Update: Shawn Kemp’s Restaurant, Oskar’s Kitchen

It’s been several months since we first visited Oskar’s Kitchen and wrote a review. We’ve been back several times since then and we’d be remiss if we didn’t write an update on Shawn Kemp’s place.

The restaurant and bar, in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood, is growing in popularity. While it will never trump the nearby Peso’s or Ozzie’s as a party spot, it is a good place for happy hour drinks and food (Check out the happy hour menu here. ). Which is to say, a good jumping off point.

Like we said in the first review, the atmosphere and the menu are a bit incongruous. But, it’s hard to criticize a menu that’s modestly price and decent. Going to Oskar’s is not going to break the bank. We appreciate that.

A must-drink beverage for anyone who goes to Oskar’s is the aptly named “Reighnman.” Sure, they could use a spellchecker, but you won’t care how it’s spelled after you’ve had a couple rounds of these. The cocktail is made with 151 and orange and pineapple juices — a refreshing drink for the summer. It’s delicious, and a couple will give you a good buzz.

The "Reighnman"

The happy hour food is cheap — $4 for a choice of six plates. Not the best ribs in the world, but good enough to grease your stomach for more libations in the evening.

Although we’ve been there about a half dozen times, we still haven’t seen Kemp there. But he does show up, and show up often — he was there last week with Gary Payton who was in town.

Here’s to Kemp and Oskar’s and their longevity — and hoping that one day Sonics fans can pre-funk/post-funk for an actual Sonics game.

And now, Kemp highlights: