There’s No Crying in Baseball but There Are Cupcakes, Lots of Them

By Jayme Lamm,


Let me preface this post by saying that I am not 300lbs. Not even close. And I’m not saying there’s really anything wrong with those numbers on the scale, but I’m about to make myself sound larger than life like all the Backstreet Boys put together. I’m also probably going to sound like an MLB groupie, but bear with me. Next time you’re at one of these ballparks, you’ll thank me.

Two years ago I started writing my sport’s column, The Blonde Side, covering all sports from all angles (not just female) and trying to come up with some unique takes on the sporting world. This year it’s been my job (I don’t mean to brag, but it is kind of amazing) to travel to events and stadiums across the country.

There are a few standard things I do at every ballpark I visit. In no particular order, I take a picture of myself in the bathroom (not the stall, the main area), sit in at least 3 different sections (even if that means getting kicked out), take a picture of my goofy self at the entrance of the ballpark (customarily boring, I know), chest bump the mascot (which never works out as planned and typically I have to stalk his whereabouts to even attempt such a feat), and as of late, EAT A CUPCAKE.

I know … baseball is usually synonymous with beer, brats, footlongs, brisket, all that delicious stuff. No one really thinks of cupcakes and baseball going together — until now.

It started last month when I was in Milwaukee for my redneck family reunion. The Pfister Hotel was kind enough to give me tickets to a Brewers game. My dad and I headed to the game for a little bit of tailgating (which as you probably know, is amazing at Miller Park), a few Prince Fielder longballs, a couple beers, and then cupcakes. As we were leaving the park, I grabbed my trusty iPhone and looked up “cupcakes” under Google Places and came across Milwaukee Cupcake Company. It was so easy to find cupcakes, so it kind of became my thing over the past month:

Milwaukee Brewers | Miller Park | Milwaukee Cupcake Company (less than 5 miles)

I wish I could say I went to a bakery that was walking distance, but that’d be a lie. Perhaps there is, but I’m not aware of one. I did find this little shop, less than 5 miles away from the stadium and it was fairly tasty. Milwaukee Cupcake Company is located inside an office building, so it was easy to miss, especially for me. Their existence is literally a kiosk set up in the lobby of the office building serving a handful of flavors and iced tea out of a pitcher. Since I was with family I ordered a dozen, but sadly I only got to eat two – S’more and Rocky Road. They were very fresh, but I felt a little slighted on both flavors – they had TOPPINGS that were of those flavorful varieties, but the cake mix itself was regular ole chocolate. BO-RING. A little misleading, but from what I understand, cupcakes and Milwaukee aren’t really compatible. This is still a new concept for them while meanwhile the rest of the country has moved on to gourmet donuts.

Price: $2.50/cupcake
316 N Milwaukee St | Milwaukee, WI | 414.727.1209

Chicago Cubs | Wrigley Field | Molly’s Cupcakes (less than 2 miles)

Molly's Cupcakes

Everything about Wrigleyville is ridiculously amazing, so you’d be hard-pressed to find anything less than in these parts, and the cupcakes at Molly’s were no exception. I opted for the ole faithful – the Red Velvet cupcake, which just so happens, was recently named Chicago’s Best according to Chicago Magazine! Adorable storefront, adorable cupcakes, adorable in my belly. I don’t know if I’m craving a visit to Wrigley right now or another cupcake from Molly’s. Probably a little bit of both.

Price: $2.00/cupcake (center-filled are $3.75)
2536 North Clark St | Chicago, IL | 773.883.7220
(Also a New York location)

Colorado Rockies | Coors Field | Tee and Cakes (28 miles)

Don’t freak out. Yes, 28 miles is quite a distance to travel for a cupcake, but I was staying in Boulder during this visit, hence that particular locale. Tee and Cakes was by far one of the cutest little cupcake shops around (I’m also now obsessed with the entire city of Boulder, so this assessment may be biased…). When you’re tempted to purchase a $28 t-shirt with a silly little cupcake on it (which comes with a free cupcake), you know their marketing is working nicely. I kicked it old school and got all nostalgic when I saw the Hostess cupcake crafted just like the mass produced cellophane wrapped ones you had in school. This one was even better and still managed to get chocolate stuck all over your front teeth. I also watched a number of people order one of their most popular cupcakes – the Chocolate Bacon. I wish, for the sake of this article I could have ordered it and provided some feedback, but I just can’t put those two vices together, my apologies.

Price: $2.65
14th St | Boulder, CO | 720.406.7548

Houston Astros | Minute Maid Park | Sprinkles Cupcakes (7.1 miles)

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I live in Houston, so this was a tough choice on which cupcake place to recommend here. I could tell you 15 different cupcake locations, what days they serve what flavors, which side streets to avoid traffic to get there – all the 411 you’d ever need. This is my hometown. Even though Sprinkles is a chain, it’s definitely my favorite place to grab a cupcake in Houston. It may or may not have a little something to do with the fact I once waited in line at the Beverly Hills location with Jennifer Aniston, but nonetheless, it’s a great place for a cupcake fanatic. I may seem like a bland individual considering all their flavors, but the Vanilla Milk Chocolate and a glass of skim milk is my absolute fave. It’s my comfort food when I’m home sulking that I’m still single. And I always grab a doggie cupcake for my 23lb teacup Chihuahua. My other favorite is the Breakfast Blend, but sadly, they don’t carry it very often. Or maybe I just need to get there earlier in the day?

Price: $3.50
4014 Westheimer | Houston, TX | 713.871.9929

San Diego Padres | PETCO Park (0.6 miles) | Heavenly Cupcakes

This was another one of those easy finds with Google Places and very close to navigate from PETCO. I’m a big fan of peanut butter and bananas, so of course I was jumping up and down like the Rangers just won the World Series when I saw they had a Banana and Peanut Butter cupcake. And it was a sign – they only serve that particular goodness on Fridays and guess what day I was there? Yes, a sign indeed. I also grabbed a chocolate on chocolate to take back to my friend who claimed it was one of the best cupcakes she’s had in ages. She’s also 105lbs and an extreme marathon runner.

Price: $3.25
518 6th Ave | San Diego, CA | 619.235.9235

San Francisco Giants | AT& T Park (2 miles) | Cako

Cako Bakery

Luis Andrei Muñoz, Flickr

I’ve been disappointed in faux S’more flavored cupcakes more times than Heidi Montag’s gone under the plastic surgeon’s knife, but something told me to give it one last go at Cako. FINALLY! It was like hitting the slots in Vegas – a cupcake actually tastes like a Campfire S’more! I only wish I had ordered more to last me the rest of my visit in San Francisco and Napa – they were that delicious. Definitely can’t give the store much credit for being the cutesy little cupcake shop I’ve become accustomed to, but I guess it doesn’t matter – they surely are doing something right back in that kitchen of theirs!

Price: $3.50
211 O’Farrell St | San Francisco, CA | 415.404.7303

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