Arrive Hungry, Eagles Fans: Lincoln Financial Field Gearing Up for Season Opener

By Franco Cardillo

PHILADELPHIA — Aramark Food Services and the staff at Lincoln Financial Field unveiled their new menu for the 2011-12 NFL season on Wednesday. The menu, which will be revealed to fans during the Philadelphia Eagles home opener this Sunday, includes a variety of meats, poultry seafood, and other gourmet delights.

Aramark, Lincoln Financial Field’s exclusive food and beverage partner, has been hard at work putting together what they believe to be the finishing touches on a truly outstanding selection for fans to enjoy.

What’s New?

Aramark Executive Chef James Hennessey has fashioned together two signature sandwiches exclusive to Lincoln Financial Field for this upcoming season.

The Inside LB

“Inside LB” — A hot London broil sandwich, which is a premium cut of beef topped with cheddar cheese horseradish and is placed between two slices of an onion roll. The “Inside LB” in essence is viewed as a more upscale variation of a roast beef sandwich. The “Inside LB” features a natural jus to enhance the flavor. “With the caramelization of the onions, and the sugars the came out, all of the ingredients gives it great flavor,” says Hennessey.

“Chop Block” — A chopped brisket sandwich with a jalapeno slaw and a house Lincoln Financial Field BBQ sauce served on a corn dusted Kaiser roll. The meat is smoked for 12 hours in-house at Lincoln Financial Field.

Hennessey says the two new above-mentioned items gives the normal everyday fan a chance to enjoy a high quality product, instead of the generic stadium foods such as a cheesesteak, hot dog or French fries.

What else can you expect to see at Lincoln Financial Field?

Tony Luke’s/Rick’s Steaks — Since we are in Philadelphia, it would be hard to talk about food without bringing up cheesesteaks. Inside Lincoln Financial Field, there will be plenty of those. Tony Luke’s, South Philadelphia’s favorite son, along with Rick’s Steaks will be providing the beef for your carnivorous desires.

Chickie’s & Pete’s — Another predominant Philadelphia establishment, Chickie’s & Pete’s will now be featured in over 13 different locations throughout the stadium. Unlike Citizen’s Bank Park across the street, where there are only two locations to get the infamous Crab Fries, Lincoln Financial Field has a surplus of Chickie’s & Pete’s vendors to satisfy the appetites of their fans while avoiding the hassle of large lines.

The Schmitter

The Schmitter — For those of you who care not for counting calories, McNally’s Tavern’s fine creation, The Schmitter, is available at Lincoln Financial Field. Consisting of cheese, grilled salami, tomatoes, steak, fried onions, and special sauce on a Kaiser roll, this 906 calorie meal will leave you feeling guilty and in need of a treadmill.

The Fat Darrell – The Fat Darrell (above) originated at Rutger’s University in 1997 and has been making it’s rounds around stadiums and college campuses ever since. The sandwich, which consists of chicken fingers, French fries, mozzarella sticks, and marinara sauce, might just be a little too much for one to handle. So bring an entire team of your friends to help you devour this one.

Other Local Favorites:

Hoagies from Planet Hoagie
Cheesesteak Pretzels from the Philly Pretzel Factory
BBQ from Bassett’s Original Memphis BBQ
Twisted Soft Pretzels from Federal Pretzel

Food Trucks On-Site:

Lincoln Financial Field will be featuring two of Philadelphia’s most popular vendors outside of the stadium this season.

The Dapper Dog – which will set up shop on the Plaza during each home game, will have the signature hot dog from that week’s visiting team’s city. Also on tap: different variations from the Dapper Dog menu.

Joining the Dapper Dog on a rotating basis will be other popular food trucks from around the city of Philadelphia.

Guapos Tacos — award-winning chef Jose Garces will bring his talents to South Philadelphia on September 25th when the Eagles take on the New York Giants. Garces will introduce the fans to his highly acclaimed Mexican menu prior to and during the game.

Chicken Sandwiches

In an attempt to provide a healthier eating environment, Aramark is starting to make their shift to appeasing the Vegetarian and Gluten Free crowd. Lincoln Financial Field has added veggie wraps and a hummus dip with your preference of carrot or celery sticks. These are the new items added to a menu that already features such selections as veggie steak sandwiches, vegetarian hot dogs, black bean burgers and garden burgers. The implementation of these items is Aramark’s way of saying to the fans that while the traditional stadium-goers will always have the cheesesteaks and burgers to fall back on, those with a healthy conscience can also enjoy themselves at the stadium.

An overall glance at the new menu at Lincoln Financial Field leaves you with a satisfied feeling. From the new sandwiches, Inside LB and Chop Block, to the old familiar faces of Chickie’s & Pete’s and Tony Luke’s, the staff at Aramark has worked its way to pleasing the fans of Philadelphia. More importantly, and perhaps the most impressive facet of the new menu, is the inclusion of fish, vegetarian and gluten free cuisines for people with stricter diets. So often we see in sports stadiums that the menu is all about grease and highly lacking in the nutritional aspect. But here in Philadelphia, Aramark has focused and, most importantly, executed on the idea of healthier eating.

Aramark’s General Manager, Kevin Tedesco, said during his opening statements that him growing up in Philadelphia was “important” to understanding the people when it came to structuring the new menu at Lincoln Financial Field.

“Being from the city itself, you know what they want and more importantly, you know what they like,” he said.

Tedesco and the rest of the staff at Aramark have done a commendable job on their newly designed menu, something that will surely have them on the good side of the Philadelphia fans.

  • Shawn Hickman

    Glad to see them expanding the options. You can go wrong with 13 different places to get crab fries. I will marry those things.

  • Franco Cardillo

    I agree, Shawn. It is well known that people flock to Chickie’s & Pete’s. The problem at Citizens Bank Park is that there are only 2 locations and the one isn’t even available to the majority of fans seeing that it is located in the HOF Club. One Chickie’s & Pete’s for 45,000+ fans per night? The line is always long, sure, but think of the possibilities if they expanded their brand inside CBP. Lincoln Financial Field has it right.

  • Kim

    I can’t wait to eat everything in the Linc. Good Info!