Stanley Cup Chocolate Replicas: Dessert With Your NHL Playoffs

Love chocolate? Love the Stanley Cup playoffs? Then meet your dreams.

Jacques Torres ChocolateWith the NHL playoffs getting underway Wednesday night, NBC Sports came up with a new way to build buzz: life-size replicas of the Stanley Cup made entirely of chocolate. The network charged Jacques Torres Chocolate, a New York City based chocolate factory, with crafting these 48-pound, near three-foot tall cocoa monstrosities to distribute to various talk shows around the country.

Here’s how the good people down at Mr. Chocolate set about accomplishing this task. First, since keeper of the Cup Phil Pritchard (you know, that dude with the white gloves) was hesitant to part with one of the two actual Cups, the NHL sent over some images and graphics with its exact specs instead.

“The sculpture process started by using reference photos and dimensions of the Stanley Cup to create 3D clay models,” Christine Brestlin of JTC PR and marketing tells us. “These were cast and turned into wax and plaster parts. Those parts were then placed in a Bellovac vacuum forming machine at Jacques Torres Chocolate, which produced plastic molds for the chocolate.”

Those molds are used to create a series of separate pieces to fit together. Each of those parts requires three to five layers of chocolate, to support the weight of the pieces above it. Then, each chocolate section must be hand-fit together.

Overall, they’ve had a steady rotation of six to seven cooks working 24/7 to get the order out on time. A PR rep for NBC Sports tells us the cups are heading to a variety of talk shows across the country and one to NHL commish Gary Bettman (how’s that for a mantlepiece?).

Think you could handle one of these? To finish one of the replica Cups would be about the equivalent to taking down 506 Hershey’s chocolate bars.

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