Food University: Education for the Food Network Generation

Food U Launch 1

There is a group of people who “know” food – call it the Food Network Generation — thanks to a network that took food culture out of the Michelin Star restaurants and made it accessible. There is no age range to this generation, only an insatiable desire to eat the next best thing and tell everyone they know about it.

Rich Gore, one of the network’s key figures in its early days, is well aware of the generation. As one of the pioneers behind the revolutionary Food Network Live tour and the former President of Live Events for the network, Gore fashioned an enviable legacy in the food business.

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Robert Griffin III bust made out of 30 pounds of barbecue grilled chicken

Subway pulled out all the stops and meat to create a 30-pound, 3-foot high bust of Robert Griffin III. Check out the video of the creepy monstrosity (and the real RG3) below:

Packers Want Fans to Eat and Drink Like Champions at Lambeau

Levy Restaurants

GREEN BAY, Wisc. — The Green Bay Packers have more than 80,000 names on their waiting list for season tickets. If ever there was a football team that could get away with concession stands that sold nothing but cold hot dogs and instant coffee made from hot tap water, it would be the Pack. What are you going to do, threaten to cancel your season tickets unless they upgrade the food?

The Packers do care intensely about the fan experience at Lambeau, however. It’s a point of civic pride for the NFL’s only publicly-owned team. The people of Green Bay pride themselves not only on the Packers but on the overall quality of life in Titletown — and they have good reason to be proud.

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We Approve: Smoky BBQ Wheat Thins


It’s a good thing snack crackers aren’t alive so they can’t get jealous of each other. Otherwise the rivalry between Wheat Thins and Triscuits would be like something out of Real Housewives of Nabisco.

Both have their partisans but I’ve always been on the side of Wheat Thins. There’s something about the crunch, the vague nuttiness, and the way they pair so nicely with cheese. However, I’d never look down my nose at a Triscuit aficionado. Truthfully, there’s usually a box of each in my pantry.

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Surviving All You Can Eat, All You Can Drink on a Wrigley Rooftop


When I booked a trip out to Chicago, I wanted to be sure to check out something few other baseball towns can offer: the game from rooftops outside the stadium.

Mike Tyson Talks Vegan Diet on Jimmy Kimmel

The one and only Mike Tyson was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night. And the former heavyweight champion of the world and current thespian talked about his vegan diet (he previously explained his reasoning in an excellent NY Times Magazine profile) and how he’s trying to eat healthy and exercise as an example […]

Mark Sanchez’s Eponymous Sandwich, the Sanch-ini

Jets QB Mark Sanchez visited the NFL Network on Wednesday. After talking football and being put in the “NFL Media car wash”, Sanchez tweeted the photo of the sandwich he got from the cafeteria. He liked it so much he had two. That, naturally, led to a long segment with Rich Eisen and company discussing […]

Japa Dog Expanding to U.S.

  Hot dogs from Japa Dog were all the craze during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver B.C. People were waiting 60 to 90 minutes for a Japanese-style hot dog topped with condiments like seaweed and wasabi (Tip for anyone planning to go to Vancouver: they now have four locations, and we passed one stand earlier […]

UW Students Protest Food Vendor Sodexo

This is the other side of food and sports. University of Washington students staged a sit-in Wednesday at the president’s office to protest the school’s contract with the company that operates the concessions for the athletic facilities. Sodexo is accused of mistreating its foreign workers, intimidating workers from unionizing and denying pay and benefits. About […]

One-on-One With ‘The ‘Melo’ Sandwich


Posted by Chris Sesno As promised, I cruised over to the Carnegie Deli in midtown Manhattan to put my appetite, and stomach, to the test against “The ‘Melo” sandwich, a monstrosity of a creation featuring six pounds of corned beef, pastrami, salami, bacon and Russian dressing. To prepare for my battle against the beast, I […]

5 Soul Food Spots for New Knick Carmelo Anthony


Posted by Mike Cellucci Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the New York Knicks. The Denver Post broke the story; shortly after the news was all over ESPN. What does that have to do with us? Well, there is always a way to add food into the equation. According to a website on, Melo’s […]

SI Swimsuit Models’ Sinful Pleasures: Food, Food, Food


It was a WikiLeaks-like dump on Sports Illustrated’s website today for its annual Swimsuit Edition. Pictures, videos, Q&As … it’s a good day to be a red-blooded male. While there’s a tenuous link to sports and food, it won’t stop us from finding them. Which means researching and researching and researching. And researching. Did I […]