Low Fat Smoothies

Smoothies can be made with any variety of ingredients. Although there are many lower fat recipes to be found, many people make the mistake of thinking that just because it’s a smoothie, it is immediately healthy. The fact is that low fat smoothies take some work to prepare and you’ll need to pay attention to what you’re adding to your smoothies in order to ensure that they really are good for you and your waistline.

Here are a few tips for how to make smoothies with a low fat content. You can even use these tips to make adjustments to the standard smoothie recipes you find. Transform the typical recipe into a low fat version and enjoy the taste and texture while avoiding the fat.

Use Low Fat or Fat Free Yogurt

Yogurt is an ingredient in many of the most popular fruit smoothie recipes these days. While yogurt can be an excellent source of Vitamin D and calcium, it can also contain a lot of sugar, fat and other less healthy ingredients. Use the low sugar and low fat or fat free varieties of yogurt in your recipes. A plain, low fat version is the best and healthiest choice. Add other ingredients to get the sweetness and flavor you desire.

Other Low Fat or Fat Free Dairy Items

Recipes that call for milk or cream are common as well. You can still get the beneficial qualities of milk by using a lower fat or a fat free variety. Get the flavor and texture without packing on the pounds. Use a fat free cream or cream cheese in those recipes that call for such items.


Tofu is an excellent dairy alternative. There are low fat varieties of tofu that can be used in place of cream cheese, cream, milk or yogurt in a variety of baking and cooking. Silken tofu is a wonderful way to get the creamy texture you want in your thick smoothie recipes and allows you to avoid the fat content found in dairy products, without sacrificing the vitamin D, calcium or protein content.

Use Water, Ice or Tea

Rather than using milk or yogurt, use more water, ice or tea to make a smoothie. You avoid the fat of dairy and the sugar content of fruit juice but still have enough liquid to make nice, refreshing, low fat smoothies. Chilled smoothies work great with crushed ice. Tea is perfect for adding flavor without adding sugar or fat.

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