Shane Battier Celebrated at Denny’s After Winning NBA Title


Glen Davis love his peanut butter jelly time

Here’s Magic forward Glen Davis “hazing” rookie Andrew Nicholson for not having his peanut butter and jelly sandwich ready before the game. Big Baby does not look like he’s joking around.

Brooklyn Nets Cupcakes Look Tasty

Dwyane Wade’s Personal Chef Dishes on Miami Heat Star

Dwyane Wade, 2010, Free Agent, Miami Heat

By Jessica Montoya Coggins,

We always imagine in some parallel universe we’d be elite chefs hanging out with the biggest sports superstars. Cooking during the day, NBA games at night. No big deal. Welcome to the life of Richard Ingraham. A native of Miami, Ingraham worked in the kitchens of The Bubble Room Champagne and Wine Bar and Insignia Restaurant. His current role, however, makes him the envy of South Beach: he’s the private chef for Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade.

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ManTestedRecipes: Linsanity Hot Sauce

Make no mistake, this sauce is HOT! But, it still has a lot of flavor. I splash this on barbeque and pulled pork, toss chicken wings in it, and serve it for chips and salsa. I’ve been eating this sauce so much while watching basketball that I decided to name it after my favorite basketball player, Jeremy Lin.

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Clutch Q&A: Houston Rockets Mascot Loves Fruit, Honey and Cakes to the Face


Mascots need food too. That’s something I quickly learned after I shadowed Clutch, the Houston Rockets mascot, at their home opener against one of their Texas rivals, the San Antonio Spurs. While players only play for 48 minutes, fans are in their seats for two hours – that’s a whole lot of entertainment the Hall of Fame mascot has to provide to a sold out crowd of 18,000 inside the Toyota Center. And to provide said quality entertainment, sustenance, along with copious amounts of water, is crucial.

I had the chance to grab dinner with Clutch (or Robert Boudwin, the 17-year veteran inside the costume) at his favorite Houston restaurant, Mo’s, earlier this week over sea bass and a medium rare steak.

If you’ve ever had even an inkling to know what the 5th most recognizable mascot of all time (as named by USA Today in February 2005) eats day and night, here it is:

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Kevin Garnett Knows His Way Around a Fried, Microwaved Tortilla

Tortillas 002This is classic. Kevin Garnett voiced his displeasure with David Stern and the NBA on Tuesday. The Celtics forward used a cooking analogy (or is it a metaphor?) to criticize the crammed regular season schedule.

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DeMarcus Cousins Jokes About His Offseason Diet

Fried chicken … whole pizzas … gummy worms … funnel cake — DeMarcus Cousins might be joking but he’s really describing Oliver Miller’s diet.

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Brandon Jennings Hits Up Roscoe’s in New Under Armour Commercial

Brandon Jennings is quickly becoming our favorite NBA player. First, you should definitely read this Sports Illustrated feature on the point guard. And then watch the new Under Armour commercial below.

He hangs out in his old neighborhood and stops at Roscoe’s, perhaps the favorite grub spot for NBA players who are in L.A. Trust us, the L.A. institution is definitely a must stop for anyone visiting the city (they have 5 locations now).

Via Darren Rovell

Tweet of the Day

Al Harrington vs. the Bugsy Challenge at the Burger Joint in Vegas

Flamingo Las Vegas

It looks like Al Harrington is spending the lockout auditioning to be the next host of Man vs. Food.

Here’s the Nuggets forward with the the Bugsy Challenge at the Burger Joint at Flamingo Las Vegas. What’s the Bugsy Challenge? Glad you asked.

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Steve Nash Promoting Vitaminwater, Should Host SNL

Here’s a video of Steve Nash and vitaminwater. It’s part of a contest asking fans if they’re “Nash enough.” Dude is really funny.

A couple more of our favorite Nash videos below:

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