Ravens Recipes for the Super Bowl

Crab Tots 2013

Ravens fans, we have a special treat for you. We’ve got three popular recipes straight from M&T Bank Stadium Executive Chef Joe Bachman. Crab tots, crab dip, crab cakes and a steak sandwich. Can you dig it?

“The biggest football game of the year is also one of the largest food consumption days of the year, so we wanted to give fans recipes to create special menus for their parties this year,” said Bachman. “Baltimore is well known for its delicious crab, so it was an obvious choice to share our favorite recipes that highlight our signature hometown flavor.”

Add deer antler spray at your own discretion. We kid, we kid. On to the recipes: Click here…

5 Reasons Why Pulled Pork Is The Perfect March Madness Food

Thanksgiving has turkey, the Super Bowl has wings, and the all-you-can-eat buffet of basketball that is the NCAA tournament should have its own signature food. We at ManTestedRecipes propose that pulled pork should be the unofficial food of March Madness.

Here’s why:

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ManTestedRecipes: Linsanity Hot Sauce

Make no mistake, this sauce is HOT! But, it still has a lot of flavor. I splash this on barbeque and pulled pork, toss chicken wings in it, and serve it for chips and salsa. I’ve been eating this sauce so much while watching basketball that I decided to name it after my favorite basketball player, Jeremy Lin.

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ManTestedRecipes: Wally Wings

This is a fantastic recipe when you want some good wings without the usual “butter/hot sauce” main ingredients. Even though these are deep fried, very little is absorbed because of the coating. When they come out, they will be crisp, so those who like crispy wings instead of the softer version, this will be for you, especially if you like hot wings with a nice touch of sweetness!!!!

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ManTestedRecipes: San Ignacio Smoked Beans

Here’s a bowl of smoky, spicy, succulent beans you’ll want to make a meal of, though they are great as a side dish, too! Yeah, there are quite a few ingredients and they do take a bit of time to prepare, but you get enough for a big “do” or enough to freeze in serving-sized quantities and eat for a long time. They are a staple around here for summer get-togethers as well as for winter snow days. This recipe contains both regular and faster pressure-cooker instructions.

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Oregon vs. Washington: Duck Recipes for the Husky Fan

Husky Stadium Pano

We’re unabashed Huskies here at S&F. While most of the country will have its eyes on LSU-Alabama, the Northwest’s attention will be turned to Oregon-Washington, one of the most bitter rivalries in the country.

To spice it up and to give Huskies fans some inspiration for Saturday’s day-long tailgating action, here are a few links to Duck recipes from our content partner ManTestedRecipes.com:

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ManTestedRecipes: Toaster Oven Stuffed Peppers


You don’t need the whole oven to cook up these flavorful peppers. Keep ‘em coming in waves to feed the whole crew during the game.

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Hardcore Tailgater: Sausage Tortellni Spinach Soup

S&F friend Howard Chen of FOX Toledo is running a cool series, Hardcore Tailgater, that features fans making their favorite tailgating recipes. This week: Sausage Tortellni Spinach Soup:

Tailgater: Sausage Tort. Spinach Soup: foxtoledo.com

ManTestedRecipes: Vick Burgers


The first time I made these was on the day Michael Vick scored 6 TD’s. Thus, we honored him with the name of the burger. Perhaps the most delicious burger I have ever had. The brown sugared bacon, egg, and texas toast complete a masterpiece. Enjoy again and again!

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ManTestedRecipes: Hearty Beef and Bean Chili


Beans, beef, tomatoes, jalapeno and habanero peppers, onion… whatever sounds good goes in! This makes enough chili to feed an army. I cook it on the stove first, let the flavors mature in the fridge overnight, and then put it in the slow cooker all day while I’m at work.

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ManTestedRecipes: Garlic Zing Wings


Who doesn’t love to stuff themselves with chicken wings?! This recipe takes a different direction from the “traditional” wings made with Frank’s(R) sauce…your family and friends will LOVE these SPICY wings! This great sauce can be used on pork, beef or other BBQ favorites.

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Easy Cheesy Potatoes Recipe for the Next Tailgate


We’re all about easy and tasty around here. Especially if you’re going to be taking it to the tailgate. Check out this recipe for Cheesey Potatoes from FOX Toledo.

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