Spotted at the Alabama-LSU Tailgate

Eye Candy: Tailgate Photos from the 2012 Season

TCU fans (Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE)

Looky, looky. We now have access to US Presswire images. Major score. Check out some tailgating photos from the 2012 football season.

First Tailgating Photo Gallery of the Season

Football season is here! Enjoy some recent tailgating photos:

Dental Tailgate Jake_6024

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ManTestedRecipes: Linsanity Hot Sauce

Make no mistake, this sauce is HOT! But, it still has a lot of flavor. I splash this on barbeque and pulled pork, toss chicken wings in it, and serve it for chips and salsa. I’ve been eating this sauce so much while watching basketball that I decided to name it after my favorite basketball player, Jeremy Lin.

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ManTestedRecipes: Wally Wings

This is a fantastic recipe when you want some good wings without the usual “butter/hot sauce” main ingredients. Even though these are deep fried, very little is absorbed because of the coating. When they come out, they will be crisp, so those who like crispy wings instead of the softer version, this will be for you, especially if you like hot wings with a nice touch of sweetness!!!!

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ManTestedRecipes: San Ignacio Smoked Beans

Here’s a bowl of smoky, spicy, succulent beans you’ll want to make a meal of, though they are great as a side dish, too! Yeah, there are quite a few ingredients and they do take a bit of time to prepare, but you get enough for a big “do” or enough to freeze in serving-sized quantities and eat for a long time. They are a staple around here for summer get-togethers as well as for winter snow days. This recipe contains both regular and faster pressure-cooker instructions.

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Tailgating Images from the Weekend

this is indiana

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Joe Cahn, the Commissioner of Tailgating, Has the Best Job in the World

Joe Cahn is the self-appointed Commissioner of Tailgating. And what does the Commissioner of Tailgating actually do? It’s simple really — he drives around the country to games and tailgates. Below is CNN Money’s video profile of Cahn:

Tailgating Images from the Weekend

Tailgate prep complete.

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Tailgating Images from the Weekend

ACEL Tailgate

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Video: Buffalo Bills Tailgater Goes Extreme

Sure, there are extreme tailgaters all over the country. But then, there’s extreme. In the video below, one Bills tailgater eschews a traditional grill and cooks with an army helmet, hubcaps, a rake and a filing cabinet (starts at around the 1:45 mark). Seriously.

Watch below:

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Tailgate Videos: Auburn, Ole Miss, UCLA

Below are a few new-ish tailgating videos/mixes we found on Vimeo. The first is your stereotypical report from Auburn. Yawn.

The second one from Ole Miss has that vintage feel. And the last one, from UCLA, is the kind of tailgating we’ve all come to know and love. Videos below:

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