Orioles fans eating good this season

The Walk Off sandwich — a braided pretzel loaf and an Old Bay sausage topped with crab dip — is a sight to behold. And of course, bacon on a stick. Check it out below:

Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Parker in HEB Ads

Check out the Spurs’ Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Parker starring in commercials for HEB, a local supermarket chain.

With a cameo from Gregg Popovich, who’s a scene stealer.


Josh Hamilton Treats Himself to a Twizzler During Game

You gotta love this. A Mariners fan at Safeco Field gave the Rangers’ Josh Hamilton a in-game treat over the weekend:

Olympic Gymnast Jonathan Horton’s Secret to Success: Honey

U.S. Olympic gymnast Jonathan Horton is kind of like Winnie the Pooh, but a little more ripped — he loves him some honey. He explains why in the video below.

Hottie With Food: Katie Nolan Ties to Take Down Five Burger King Bacon Sundaes

Move over, Kate Upton. Get out of the way, Sara Underwood. Meet the new queen of S&F’s Hottie With Food series. Katie Nolan of Guyism.com isn’t pantomiming with strawberries or chocolate or cheeseburgers. She’s sacrificing her body — and physical and mental health — by trying to eat FIVE BURGER KING BACON SUNDAES. Be awed and transfixed and horrified for 6 and a half minutes. Good job, good effort, girl.

Reds’ Brandon Phillips Dines With Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern

This was from last week, when Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips visited the MLB’s Fan Cave in NYC. He hooked up with Andrew Zimmern, celebrity chef and host of “Bizarre Foods.” They try some “bizarre” foods. Although it’s probably the some of the tamest food Zimmern, who’s a big sports fan, will eat all year. Watch the video below.

Padres’ Cameron Maybin Gets Pranked at NYC Burger Joint

This is a pretty good prank. We won’t reveal too much, but watch as Yonder Alonso and Andy Parrino prank their fellow Padres teammate Cameron Maybin at Bad Burger in NYC.

Hotties With Food: Gia Allemand and Ashleigh Hunt

Two for the price of one! We have no idea who these ladies are — apparently, they were on “The Bachelor.” Enjoy the video, with the old standby: strawberries with whipped cream.

Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Kitsch in Jelly Donut Shootout

Taylor Kitsch was on the Jimmy Fallon show last week. We have no idea who Taylor Kitsch is. Apparently, he’s an actor in some blockbuster movie. But more importantly, he’s a former hockey player who’s handy with a stick — as Jimmy Fallon found out. Watch the hijinks below.

Hottie With Food: Sara Underwood

It’s been too long. It’s the return of Hottie With Food. Sara Underwood returns, eats something out of a bowl and cavorts in the kitchen. Enjoy.

Video: Citi Field Dining Preview

The lovely Valentina D’Amore has a preview of all the good eats coming to Citi Field this season. Check it out!

Video shot by Briana Heard.

Video: World Pizza Games 2012

Now this is the sport of kings. Check out video from the 2012 World Pizza games, which was recently held in Las Vegas. Below is bronze medal winner Simone Ingrosso.

After the jump is the gold medalist, Kazuya Akaogi.

Watch Video: