Mariners Fan Chomps Down on Turkey Leg

Sexy? Not sure.

Seattle Mariners to Open New Restaurant, Edgar’s, at Safeco Field

Credit: Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are making a lot of renovations at Safeco Field. They’re moving in the fences, installing a new hi-fi scoreboard and building a new restaurant in left field called Edgar’s, after former star Edgar Martinez.

The details, according to

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RIP, Rick the Peanut Guy

Rick Kaminski died from a brain aneurysm Tuesday night. For sports fans outside of Seattle that may not mean much. But for Seattle Mariners fans, Rick the Peanut Guy was a Seattle institution.

Tom Wilhelmsen’s Comeback Story

Cool story in the Seattle Times today about pitcher Tom Wilhelmsen, who the Mariners invited to their major league camp. Wilhelmsen was a hot-shot prospect who was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers and given a big, fat signing bonus nearly 10 years ago. A teenager with a couple hundred grand in the bank? Nah, nothing […]