Eating healthy can be difficult, especially if your food doesn’t look appetizing. For many of us, vegetables often have that problem. Seeing a squash or zucchini isn’t exactly what will make our tastebuds explode with excitement just from seeing these food items, and therefore certainly isn’t our top, go-to food when we want something to chow down on. For a while, this has been one of my biggest problems and all my friends knew it. However, thanks to a very good friend of mine, I received some of the best spiralizers that I could ever use, which have helped me tremendously in turning what used to be boring vegetables into creative noodles and vegetable pastas.

Not only have the spiralizers helped me in turning my vegetables into something that look great to stare at, but have also made them much easier to incorporate into all kinds of dishes. When I make my home-made meatballs with zesty, tomato and lime sauce, rather than using high carb pasta noodles, I can substitute in with delicious scrumptious zucchini noodles, a great serving of vegetables.

The first spiralizer I received was the Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Spiral, which has been the most versatile of any spiralizer I have used, simply because of the three stainless steel blades that the machine comes equipped with, giving me so much more flexibility in terms of the size of the noodles I want to make. The three blade system also makes it extremely easy and time efficient in terms of cutting up vegetables. Though the system is much bigger than a few I have used, it was the first and best one I have used hands down.

A few months after I received my first spiralizer, another friend gave me an equally amazing spiralizer called the Kitchen Supreme Spiralizer. Unlike the one mentioned previously, this has been my go to whenever I travel because of its sheer compactness and ease in terms of storage. It also comes with a finger guard, so I don’t have to worry about having an accident in the kitchen when my mind is wandering off, thinking of what new Netflix series I should start.

Needless to say, there are many more spiralizers that could get the job done, but only a few have the durability and precision that I require to make great looking, great tasting vegetable noodles for a hearty dinner.

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