Andray Blatche Presents: A Gentleman's Guide to Room Service


Posted by Michael Katz brings another exclusive report from inside an NBA locker room. This time: Andray Blatche and his approach to room service.

The Wizards have played 25 road games this season — and lost all 25 times. But Washington forward Andray Blatche enjoys life on the road for two reasons. One: Room service. Two: He told me he calls teammate Hilton Armstrong to his room to rub his feet.

This blog is not called, so let’s focus on reason No. 1.

“I like [being on the road] actually because we get good room service,” Blatche said. “I don’t have to find nothing to eat, I can just lay in my bed, chill, relax, get me some room service.”

For a man who doesn’t like to exert effort looking for food, Blatche worked hard to provide with a thorough, if rambling, guide to navigating the room service menu.  Hit the jump for more of Blatche’s tantalizing tips.

“You know, just get into a nice appetizer,” he said. “I prefer — let’s see what I usually get? Nah, I don’t get salad too much. Probably get me a nice … let me see where was I last time? Where’d we just come from? Oh yeah, New Orleans. See in New Orleans I had the jambalaya, so I didn’t even need no appetizer. Dallas? They got good salmon.”

You have to know the hotel, it’s not always about sampling the traditional local fare. Not in hotel rooms, anyway.

“No, it all depends on my mood,” he said. “I didn’t get to eat all my jambalaya because it was kind of spicy. It was kind of spicy, so I was hungry still.”

Another tip: No room service before physical activity. Room service is strictly for lounging.

“I don’t order room service [before games],” Blatche explained. “This is the day before.”

But Blatche doesn’t always order. He likes to cook, and he really gets going when the weather gets nicer.

“I cook every now and then,” he said. “My special? I’m gonna cook on the grill. I’m a grill person. I like to grill food.

“You want some good barbeque in the summer time, come holla at me.”

If the invite is still open, that might be a field trip this summer.

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