Chris Webber Likes His Steak Saucy and Well Done

True steak aficionados, turn away. The hard-hitting TMZ caught up with Chris Webber after hearing reports that he left an upscale steakhouse because they didn’t have steak sauce.

Watch the video below:

For most steak lovers, putting sauce on a fine steak is like [redacted]. This has obviously blown into a mini-controversy. Americans love their steaks and have strong opinions about how to cook and eat a steak.

Webber responded via Twitter:

Here at S&F, we can understand why some would like steak sauce. So we might give C-Webb a pass on this one (Although we would never take him to The Met or Daniel’s in Seattle — we’d be too embarrassed if/when he would ask for the A1).

Although the focus has been on the sauce/no-sauce debate, something we cannot forgive and overlook is that C-Webb likes his steak well done! It’s sacrilegious and an affront to American values.

So what do you say, S&F readers? Sauce or no sauce on your steaks?